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It has become a norm in modern society to be aware of the hair tattoo process. It’s a form of hair transplant. Every individual facing baldness has shown interest in having this procedure. Back in the day, people used to witness many men facing baldness while women facing hair loss can be a difficult thing to digest.

With the frequent rise in patients experiencing hair loss, the hunt for an effective solution regarding hair loss continues. It is of great fortune that hair restoration has advanced significantly over a time span.

Knowing About Hair Transplant

It is a surgical procedure that is used to treat various types of hair loss, among which is the most notable alopecia. Initially, the hair follicles are extracted from different parts of the body (donor area) and are applied to the bald or thinning area of the body. The Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT) is the most recent addition to the hair transplant methods, which is providing a permanent outcome to the individuals facing baldness.

The FUT can be performed in two ways: one is strip harvesting, the other is follicular unit extraction (FUE). Strip harvesting is the most common method due to its simplicity. Where a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head and is dissected into sections which are then planted individually to the hair follicles.

Whereas, FUT is a similar process to strip harvesting, which considerably takes more time and is yet labor intensive. In this, the hair follicles are extracted from the skin scalp and implanted into small holes. Once the process is performed smoothly, the FUE tends to produce very natural results leaving out few or no marks on the scalp. Hence, the hair transplant before and after visuals will be worth watching.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Talking about Scalp micropigmentation, which is also known as tattooing, is the most effective treatment for hair loss. The procedure tends to restore the hairlines, help in thickening the existing hair, and even diminish the chances of scarring due to hair transplants.

Undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation After a Hair Transplant

The process of scalp micro pigmentation is often chosen as an alternative to the hair transplant, but many of the individuals go for both of the treatments and choose SMP over a hair transplant.

The scar which is visible due to FUT strip harvesting surgery can create a negative impact upon the patient’s confidence. The benefits of scalp micro pigmentation over hair transplant helps in concealing the scars, hence the FUT scars are not visible as they were before.

Where To Get It Done

There might be some confusion about where to get a hair tattoo done. Which place shall we rely upon? Scalp Savant is the place that is known to be the best hair transplant in the USA. They believe in keeping the clients their first priority, providing a service that each and every client shall be satisfied with and come out happy with the procedure.

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