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Treating a Receding Hairline:

Running your hand through your hair and finding a few loose strands is nothing to worry about. People usually shed around 50-100 hair daily but that means that they’re going bald. However, there is a cause for concern if you find your receding hairline at an accelerated pace or if your temples start losing most of the hair.

Hair loss and different types of receding hairlines cannot be attributed to just one reason. There are several factors that can cause your hair to fall out. It is important to recognize and address hair loss at an early stage as while it is difficult to reverse the damage, it can be minimized and stopped.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

One of the first steps to minimize and prevent hair loss is to ensure that you’re following a healthy, balanced diet that provides all the essential nutrients needed by the body. Vitamins and minerals are extremely important for healthy hair growth alongside omega fatty acids and antioxidants which are needed to neutralize the free radicals that lead to oxidative stress and hair aging.

Collagen and biotin supplements can help as collagen contains amino acids that the body needs to make keratin, which is what hair is made of. Biotin can promote hair growth which makes it important in addition to Vitamins C and E.

  1. Look after your Scalp

The health of your hair is closely associated with the health of your scalp. Optimal scalp and follicle function translate into thick, strong, luscious hair that is not prone to breaking. It is important to properly clean and stimulate the scalp to prevent inflammation as buildup on the scalp can suffocate the follicles and cause hair loss.

Scalp massages can also be beneficial as they promote blood circulation in the scalp. This increases oxygenation and combines with nightly brushing; it can help promote hair growth.

  1. Avoid Heat styling and Processing

The use of hair products has become widespread but too much hair product and heat treatment from hairdryers, straighteners, and curlers. Excessive use of these can result in hair breakage which is often mistaken for a receding hairline.

Excessive usage of hair products and overprocessing the hair strands results in loosing and breakage. While using heat and hair products from time to time is not a cause of hair fall, frequent use can suffocate the follicles and scalp.

  1. Low-level light Therapy

Low-level light therapy is a hair loss treatment that has recently seen a growth in popularity due to the encouraging results it can provide. One study found that women who had red light therapy at 650 nm on alternate days for 17 weeks experienced a 51% increase in hair density.

The therapy is safe and effective for those who want increased hair growth and while further research is being conducted, the results found have been positive and it can be beneficial for a lot of people. Other treatment methods can include hair transplants and scalp micro pigmentation.

  1. Vasodilators

There are some medicated topicals that can increase the size of follicles while also elongating the growth phase of hair. One such FDA-approved option is the vasodilator minoxidil which is also commonly known as Rogaine. It can be applied directly to the scalp in form of a spray or foam.

However, these topicals are more effective at reducing and minimizing hair loss and are not very good at promoting regrowth.

There are no conclusive reasons for why a hairline recedes or why someone’s hair starts falling out at a rapid rate. To prevent hair loss and damage, there are a few things that can be done but aging is inevitable. Genetics also play a part in hair loss, but early intervention is always the best. “Treating a receding hairline” does not have a definitive answer as different treatments react differently depending on the individual.