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Since the familiarity amongst its competitors, many individuals have doubts about the effectiveness of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) or Scalp Pigmentation. Are the claims genuine? Is there something sceptical they are not mentioning? All these questions cloud the mindset of an individual which creates a lot of accusations. Here are some of the insiders of the first-ever world’s permanent hair replica solution.

Permanent means the last solution

The procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation is conducted where the pigment is delicately and tactically implanted in a follicle-like pattern to give the apparition of hair. It is often possible that the intensity of the shade may fall slightly over a span of 7-10 years time, SMP is the indefinite cosmetic tattoo. The before and after scalp micro-pigmentation gives a drastic change to the personality. Locks of hair give men a sublime impact on their appearance.

Don’t Need To Take An Off For The Procedure

The process of scalp treatment is completed across a time frame of 2-4 sessions which usually lasts for a couple of hours. Firstly, a local anaesthetic is applied on to the skin, which creates no recovery period. It gives the edge on going back to work with a hat on to cover the minor swelling and a sort of redness may occur.

Every Type of Balding Pattern Shall Be Treated

According to the research, there are about 19 types of hair loss which includes male-pattern, female-pattern, Follicle disorders, Alopecia and many others. For all forms of balding on men and women, scalp micropigmentation is the one and the only hair replicating solution. According to the research, there is no other fibre, sprinkle powder or any sort of surgery that could give out the same results.

It’s Not Just The Hair Game

SMP creating a huge impact on individuals can no longer be an overstatement, it is a true fact. It is reported that one of the top insecurities found among men is hair loss and many of the mainline solutions failed to give the required result. Hence, it gets really frustrating for men to hide their balding effect which gives an unpleasant looking appearance.

…Or Men

When it comes to balding, the only perseverance that comes to mind is men. Whereas men aren’t the only ones who are suffering from balding. One out of two women experience a significant hair loss or the balding effect in their life. Unfortunately, the market is found to be mostly targeting men (since it is found more common among men) many women do forget or have the awareness of SMP as a solution to them. The micro pigmentation can be inserted in between the follicles of thinning hair which gives enough coverage to the evident patches of the scalp. Hence, it will deepen the colour, give the camouflaging effect on the bald spots and make hair look thicker.

The Side Effects

It is something which every individual shall acknowledge upon. The scalp micro pigmentation side effects are of various kinds.

Somewhat like allergies can be a big situation that can occur due to tattoo ink procedures. If the process of SMP is done with low-quality ink (which contains heavy metals) it is far more dangerous to the scalp skin. Also, the person performing the procedure shall be clean, the needle should be carefully intact to the skin. And a new needle shall be used for every patient. If the facility persons are neglecting the safety measures, it can cause a major impact on the hair scalp.

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